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design MASSIF is a Product Design firm with two partners, Adam Reif and Paul Kambic.

MASSIF has 20 years of experience taking products from concept to market. Past projects cover a diverse range of fields: Medical Devices, Consumer, Automotive (performance aftermarket and competitive racing products), Electronics, Photography and Darkroom Equipment, Physical Science Laboratory Equipment, Communications, Laser Optic Systems, and Professional Audio Recording Equipment. 

Whether you need a solution for your new project starting from scratch, or solving existing problems in manufacturing, we can address your specific issues, and at a price you can afford. Although clients have included large scale companies such as SGI, our real specialty lies in working with young start-up companies which are sensitive to meeting time critical goals, and can take full benefit of the wide range of skills and experience MASSIF has to offer. 

Simply stated, we can help you get to market faster.

The software tools that we utilize are Solidworks and Cadkey. Solid CAD models allow you to see your product before it is made. The models are parametric in nature which allows for quick modifications and updates so that several ideas can be pursued economically that might otherwise be overlooked. In addition, the 3D model allows a direct CAM connection to modern production techniques. 

The on-site machine shop allows design MASSIF to deal swiftly and economically with proof-of-concept prototype fabrication, putting your product into your hand as fast as possible. Once the product is designed, we can still help you with your Graphics requirements from Company Identity and logo, to product photo shoots, to your product brochure layout. 

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